I've received this free movie pass from agency early of the year and it expires on 31 Jan 2015. After so much of delaying, we've finally made to redeem the free movie tickets from TGV. I've chosed twin seats which I expected to cash top up. Surprisingly, I didn't have to pay a single cent for this upgrade!

When we usually go to cinema, I always opt for some movies that suit Stan more (I'm a good wife ;p). But he insisted to have 'Into the Wood' this time and he said I will like this more. He judged based on the few synopsis that I've sent to him. 

This is a production by Disney which consisted the mixture of few famous disney movies, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel. But, Stan knew only Cinderella!  

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I'm not a coffee addict even though I drink coffee everyday. Ordered this Vietnam coffee just because of its artistic look.


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Bought the first Swarovski in my life but it's not belong to me. Surprisingly, Swarovski is not as expensive as what I used to remember. Stan said it's because I have financially grown compared to 10 years ago. Yes, I think I have to agree with this statement. I am not getting rich tho but just getting financially matured. The way I see things had changed too. Erm, I shall get a Swarovski for my mum's birthday this year! 

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Shawn has started his solid 2 months ago with organic cereal followed by porridge as recommended by paediatric. 

Now, I've decided to let him starts on his puree diet. Avocado would be my 1st puree introduction to him.

To let him tests on his taste buds, I've just given him half avocado each day until he passes the 3 days monitoring. If no allergies shows, then I'll add in half of banana and obey the 3 days rule.

I was so excited when Shawn finished his avocado puree which means he likes it! Only one word could be used to describe my feeling, satisfaction! 

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There is a say, "2nd chances are rare, use your 1st chance wisely".

But, I've made the decision to reject the promotion even though being offered few times.


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What is this? It's the main ingredient of Shawn's precious luxury spa!

 Why luxury? Because it's milk spa!

Why precious? Because it's breatmilk where you cant get to purchase from neither supermarket nor hypermatket!


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 Don't get me wrong. Shawn is just 3mo+12d & he hasn't started solid food ^^

But, mummy was just way to be too excited and bought this home

Mummy just can't wait to feed him with his 1st spoon of cereal

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生- 我期待着的宝宝出生了。原来,生孩子真的很痛!

死离别- 从小看着我长大的婶婶因突发性血癌过世了。痛,心痛!还没来得及看见我的宝宝就走了。月前,妈妈还很兴奋的和婶婶高谈阔论,等我妈开始照顾我宝宝后,要天天带他到婶婶家,你看我,我看你,大家一起带孙。婶婶刚过世那天,家人都不敢告诉我,怕我这个爱哭鬼像日前得知婶婶病危时一样哭得稀哩哗啦。很遗憾,刚做完月子的我并不能送婶婶最后一程。但庆幸,我在月子一坐满的第一天,坚持要到医院看看她。因为我知道,这一看可能就是永别了。。看着躺在病床插满管子,仪器的婶婶,很难想象,明明一个月前婶婶还对着我的大肚子说话呢,怎么却是昏迷不醒了?



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OMG OMG OMG~ I'm soooooo boring!

That's why I blog! Blog about non-sense things! 


Stan was away for outstation work and it was the 1st night I slept alone since we married 2011!

I dare not to switch off the light, so I left the wall light on.. AddEmoticons04269  

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