I've received this free movie pass from agency early of the year and it expires on 31 Jan 2015. After so much of delaying, we've finally made to redeem the free movie tickets from TGV. I've chosed twin seats which I expected to cash top up. Surprisingly, I didn't have to pay a single cent for this upgrade!

When we usually go to cinema, I always opt for some movies that suit Stan more (I'm a good wife ;p). But he insisted to have 'Into the Wood' this time and he said I will like this more. He judged based on the few synopsis that I've sent to him. 

This is a production by Disney which consisted the mixture of few famous disney movies, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel. But, Stan knew only Cinderella!  

I used to remember I had watched a Cinderella version where she got her gown from the tree grown from her mother's graveyard but not by her god fairy mother. But, so far nobody agreed with this whenever I mentioned it. Perhaps, this version isn't really famous.

In this 'Into the Wood', Cinderella was actually received the dress at her mother's graveyard! Okay, at least I did watched this Cinderella version before in fact but not in dream.

At the begining of the movie, it looked okay. But it's getting weird towards the ending, especially for us who have known all the individual stories. Just Rapunzel's ending was remaining the same. She lived happily with his prince.

1. Cinderella married to the Prince but they have departed after that because the prince admitted that he's born to be charming but not loyal to her eventhough he still loves her. He even kissed the baker's wife in the wood.

2. Jack's mother dead. This is acceptable eventhough she didn't dead in the original story. But ridiculuosly, ih this movie, she wasn't killed by the giant's wife but pushed down by the royal soldier. Then, she's dead and she's only fallen on the floor.

3. Red riding hood's mother and grandmother were dead too.

4. All Cinderella, Jack, and Read Riding Hood stay with the Baker together with his newborn baby after his wife death.

There's a moral of the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' that I used to not agreed with until now. Jack was the one who climbed up to the sky and stole things, but the giants dead at the end eventhough they were the victims. Even in this movie, they tried to killed the giant's wife too who's trying to take revenge on her husband death.

Personally, I think it's transfering wrong educational information the kids. Is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' trying to encourage kids to be thieves? When he first went into the giant's house, the giant's wife was treating him good by offering him food. She helped him to hide when his husband was back and smelled 'human'. In return, Jack stole their coins, golden egg, and harp. 

Overall, 'Into the wood' is a weird movie to watch by Disney movie lovers. It's kind of destroying my good memories of the individual stories. 

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